Kabbalistic Healing

Kabbalistic healing combines the principles of the Tree of Life with the divine healing energy of Universal Light. Putting these two systems together creates a powerful vessel for healing.

Body-soul work, in whatever form, leads to the strengthening of the soul and its “indwelling” in the body.

Kabbalistic work doesn’t require a specific belief system, and can work well within the existing religious beliefs or spiritual practices of the client.

The healing takes place on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels, wherever it is needed. It can feel like having the pieces of oneself put back together.

I studied Kabbalah for many years in London under the guidance of my teacher Ze’ev ben Shimon Halevi, and have taught Kabbalah and psychology at the London Guild of Pastoral Psychology, the London Jung Club and IGAP. Lecture topics have included:

• A meditation on the fourfold vessel and the innermost temple.

• The Shechina – a healing vessel for the soul's indwelling.

• The call to quest, and the search for an embodied soul.

• Envy and Goodness.

• The Myth of Lilith.


What is a Kabbalistic healing session like?

Our session will begin with a confidential discussion of the issue(s) you bring with you. I will then carry out an energy healing based on Kabbalistic principles that will aim to bring your energies back into harmony and balance. It is not necessary for me to touch my clients to do this work.

Unlike regular psychotherapy, sessions can be weekly, monthly or yearly, and cater to the needs of the client at that moment in their life.

We can work on specific issues in your life, such as relationships, health, mood, career or personal development, or focus more generally on physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

My aim will be to help clients find their own inner clarity, strength and peace. I can also provide you with Kabbalistic symbols, spiritual exercises or a meditation to work with on your own after the session.


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