Making an appointment

You may book an initial appointment by telephone or e-mail me with preferred times for me to return your call. I will return your call as promptly as I can.

One-to-one psychotherapy

Treatment can be short-term, continue for several months, or may sometimes be open-ended. Sessions are weekly and at the same time each week. If you have to cancel a session I will try to offer you an alternative if I can.

The first session provides us with a space to explore your needs and issues. We can see how well we work together. You may find that the way I work may not be for you, or you may wish to be referred to another professional for specialist work. It is important that we like each other if we are going work together. There is no obligation to continue if you decide not to.

Online consultations

Initial consultations are generally done face to face. However, I am happy to offer appointments via Skype or FaceTime as a follow-up meeting, or if you are unable to travel to London.